Life Is Bad For You

I get so tired of seeing articles about exercises that are bad for you.

Is bench press bad for your shoulders?

Is squats bad for your knees?

Is good mornings bad for your lower back?


The answer is very…. very…. SIMPLE!

If you lift with bad form then all exercise is bad for you.

Don’t let ANYONE tell you that something is bad until you have learned how to do it properly, practiced it, and tested it. Some movements simply are not suited for some people. It could be because of size, body type, mobility issues, strength deficiencies, stability problems, and so on. It isn’t wise to simply dismiss an exercise because it actually takes practice and a little effort to do properly.




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About James Bullock

James Bullock is founder of Warrior Sciences and head Strength and Conditioning coach for Irondom Performance Systems and Combative Sciences. He began forming the foundation of Combative Sciences in 1999, and started training in various martial arts over 23 years ago. He continues to research, train, and evolve his methods on a daily basis. Training and helping people lead better lives is his passion.
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